Registration NOW OPEN for our Summer Fun Swim Camp!   The camp is open to ages 6 through 12 years old, with or without swimming experience.  The one-week camp will be filled with pool activities, exercise, games and crafts.  The pool activities will be led and supervised by our American Red Cross Certified Lifeguards and will introduce and incorporate the American Red Cross Water Safety Program.  Additional pool supervision will be provided by our certified, qualified, experienced, and friendly staff and will also help with crafts, games, and snacks!   

The American Red Cross wants to help parents, caregivers, and kids to learn and share water safety knowledge and skills together. If your child isn't able to take formal swim lessons right now, you can still help them learn to be safer around backyard pools, ponds or other natural bodies of water.  We'll be providing the campers with resources to help them learn about water safety while having fun in and around water.

We'll use the Red Cross content designed for kindergarten through second-graders, as well as for third through sixth graders which includes a video and activity sheet for their age group, and then take a quick 3-question quiz to help them demonstrate what they've learned and take pride in their new knowledge! A 'Parent & Caregiver Guide' will be available to help you enhance their learning.

The week-long camp will be held Monday through Friday 10:00am-12:00pm from July 15 through July 19.   Cost for each camper is $150.00 a week for members and $170.00 a week for non-members of the swim club. 

A registration link is located at the end of the page, or contact our office to sign up.  SPACE IS VERY LIMITED!

For more information and details, contact our office at (909) 860-3418 or email us at office@deanehomesswimclub.com, or stop by our office during open hours.





1. How deep is the pool?  The small pool area is 3ft deep. The big pool starts out at a 3ft shallow end and goes up to 8 1/2ft in the deep end.

2. What if my child cannot swim?  If your child can't swim, they will be placed in the small pool where they can stand, for all pool activities. 

3.  What if my child can swim, will they be allowed in the deep area?  Most water activities will take place in the 3 1/2ft to 4 1/2ft big pool area.  Swimming will take place in the deep end if the swimmer demonstrates sufficient skill and passes a brief swim test on the first day of camp. 

4. Is the pool heated?  Yes, the small pool area and big pool area are heated, typically to 82 degrees.   

5. What kind of pool activities will take place?  Learning A.R.C. Water Safety Skills, aqua-volleyball, obstacle course, aqua-basketball and more     

6.  What type of crafts do the campers do?   Age-appropriate crafts will be done once a week.    

7.  What kind of exercise activities will the campers do?  Jump rope, hula-hoops and other age-appropriate physical activities.

8. What if my child can't do the exercise activities?   The exercise activities will not be strenuous and will be age appropriate.  We'll be following the 'Youth Fitness Activity Guidelines' recommended by HealthyChildren.org, from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

9. What about snacks?  Hydration breaks will be mandatory!  A water bottle will be provided daily for each camper along with a nutritional snack which includes fresh fruit! We'll have a snack bar open as well for campers to purchase fun snacks and the end of each day!  Campers will have many opportunities to earn 'Dolphin Dollars' to spend at the snack bar!

10. What if I have more questions?  Please call us up, and we'll be more than happy to answer all of your questions and concerns you may have before registering for our camp!



Important Aquatic Policies: Occasionally the pool may have forced closures due to unexpected accidents or inclement weather.  Our staff will do its best to inform participants immediately of all closures.  In the event of a pool closure, you will be given the opportunity to make up the missed session as soon as possible.

Smog Policy: The South Coast Air Quality Management states that all strenuous physical activities which require mouth breathing should be discontinued with 1st stage smog alerts.  DHSC will strictly adhere to this policy and close the swimming programs at any time there is a 1st stage smog alert.